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Young Adult Camps

Cancer camps encourage you, the young adult, to step out, challenge yourself, and meet new friends. The experiences and friendships gained during camp will arm you, the cancer warrior, for battle! Please visit our Travel Assistance page to see if you qualify for travel assistance.

Wilderness Program at CWC

For 5-6 days the Wilderness Program at CWC takes young adult survivor’s (20-40yrs) back-packing through scenic areas in the Midwest. Learn More

Project Koru

This six-day camp is located in Maui, Hawaii and is free to all cancer survivors. It offers participants a variety of challenges including surfing, outrigger canoeing, snowboarding and more. Learn More

Camp Mak-A-Dream

This camp for those between the ages of 18 and 40 and lasts one week. It’s also free for all cancer survivors. Focused on outdoor recreation, this camp gives participants the chance to reconnect with nature. Learn More

Eagle Mount

For a full week, you’ll be immersed in adventurous outdoor activities, the camaraderie of a small group, and the opportunity to develop the unique and powerful leadership skills within yourself. Learn More

EPIC Experience

Epic offers adult cancer thrivers a free outdoor adventure to ski, paddle and ride past those three words…I have cancer. This is no ordinary week in the mountains, it’s “EPIC”. Learn More

First Descents

These camps are available across the US and last from two days to one week and are free to all cancer survivors. First Descent camps help empower young adults by having them conquer outdoor challenges. Learn More

A Fresh Chapter

A Fresh Chapter is not your “traditional cancer camp”. Terri Wingham, founder and cancer survivor, uses service as a healing mechanism, giving survivors a tangible way to move beyond illness. Learn More

Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats

This camp lasts for five days and four nights in Hawi, Hawaii. This group retreat includes in-depth workshops and other activities to help young adults take control of their healing journey. Learn More


The Oziku camp is for cancer patients and survivors between the ages of 18 and 25 and is available all over the US. Learn More

River Discovery

Cancer patients and survivors 19-years-old and older will have the opportunity to swim, hike and kayak through the Idaho outdoors. Admission is free of charge for all cancer survivors and camp lasts one week. Learn More

Survive and Thrive Expeditions

Reflect. Refocus. Rebuild. Live. Adventure expeditions for cancer survivors and their loved ones. Learn More

True North Treks

This weeklong camp is for cancer patients and survivors ages 18 to 39. Admission is free for all cancer survivors. This camp focuses on outdoor challenges and skill building. Learn More

Faces of Courage

Cancer is Serious, Camp is serious FUN!
Location: Tampa Florida
Duration: Weekend (Friday-Sunday)
Age: Annual womens camp:21-96.
Teen camp every other year: 13-26
Cost: FREE
CHSCF Travel Requirement: Must be a Michigan resident to apply for travel. Limited spots available.
Description: Faces of Courage is a nonprofit located in the Tampa Bay area. They provide free life enriching experiences for those touched by all cancers and blood disorders. Learn More

CHSCF Travel Assistance

If you have been accepted to a young adult cancer camp or are registered for a conference, please fill out our Travel Assistance Application and Medical Release Form to see if you qualify for travel assistance.Learn More

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