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Wish Granting

Listed below are the organizations involved in our Wish Granting Organization.
Those designated with a “mitten” are Michigan based organizations.

Project Chasing Life

Project Chasing Life is an opportunity for a young adult cancer patient to check something off their “Eff-it” list. Located in Michigan Project Chasing Life wants to help the YA make unforgettable memories, feel alive again, and to be the “something good” cancer can give. Check out Project Chasing Life on their Facebook page:

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Believe in Miracles

For children and young adults with a life threatening illnesses that is ongoing or who have suffered a recurrence, it can be very devastating. We serve as an enhancement for those in Michigan who have already received a wish but who are still battling their disease. We are here to enrich their lives and to brighten their day by granting a wish or meeting a need.

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3 Little Birds 4 Life

3 Little Birds is a wish granting organization for young adults with cancer ages 18 – 40. Their mission is to enhance the lives of young adult cancer patients one wish at a time.

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Dream Foundation

“If you only had one year to live…what would your dream be?” Some dreamers long to make happy, lasting memories with their loved ones. Others want a friend brought to their bedside for a few final moments of comfort. And still others desire to take a trip they’ve always dreamed of.

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Granted Wish Foundation

With so many physically challenged children and young adults suffering on a daily basis, we wanted to make a difference. We are here, not only for those individuals who are terminally ill or suffer a life-threatening illness, but also those who simply face a physical challenge. We are here to enrich their lives through wishes.

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Rainbow Connection

When you dream you leave all your troubles behind. For the thousands of Michigan kids suffering with life threatening illnesses, sometimes a dream feels like all they have. Making those dreams come true is what The Rainbow Connection is all about.

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